Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our family was lucky enough to hitch a ride to Sacremento with Grandma Doris and Grandpa Brian. Then, Brian let us take his van on over to San Francisco so that we could spend a few days with Chuck, Julie and Otto. Sadly for us, Chuck had to spend the holidays in the Bahamas with his ultra rich boss, we did miss him a ton, but Julie and Otto showed us an incredible time! We had such a blast, Rae kept saying, "this is the best day of my life!" and then she'd remember that she'd said that the day before and add, "again!" Vincent replied on the way home that it was one of the best WEEKS of his life. Grandma and Grandpa along with Grandpa Grape (Brian's dad) made us feel completely comfortable in Sacremento. We are so lucky to have so many fun and wonderful family members! Just wanted to share a few pictures.... we didn't have our good camera, we ended up using our cell phones for all the pictures, so they are not the best quality, but they are better than nothing. AND... we did have Jason's little video camera and he is in the process of making a little movie to showcase the trip. We didn't get any pictures with our cells of G'ma, G'pa, G'pa Grape, Julie or Otto... but you WILL see them on the video! We really thank you and think you are the best!!!!

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briananddoris said...

The pictures of the San Francisco trip turned out great. That's some cell phone you have. I can see that you all had a wonderful time, but then you usually do when you're all together as a family.

Love you, Mom